Disaster Management & Climate Change
CfID carries out research studies and assignments on climate change, disaster preparedness and mitigation. Team CfID has worked in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Andaman– Nicobar islands for disaster management with focus on housing technologies, water and sanitation in emergencies, and policy level interventions.

CfID also works to develop sustainable entrepreneurship models for disaster preparedness and climate change. CfID and its consortium has initiated training and capacity building for disaster management at institutional level with focus on fire safety, evacuation planning, mockdrills, first aid etc.

Natural Resource Management, Watershed and Water Resources
CfID provides technical assistance to various NGOs, institutions and agencies for research, design, impact assessment and documentation of water harvesting interventions. Gujarat and Rajasthan are major work areas in this field.

CfID also provides technical inputs for design of water supply, water treatment and water resource conservation

Environmental Services and Sanitation
CfID works with organizations to design and develop environment services and sanitation facilities. Team CfID has expertise in design of Solid Waste Management projects, Ecosan models and low maintenance waste water treatment plants

CFID is an official partner to Consortium of DEWATS Dissemination for promotion and installation of Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System.

CFID is an official partner to SuSanA

Rural Housing and Appropriate Technologies
CfID works for developing and promoting local and indigenous technologies for rural housing. CfiD has carried out evaluation, safety audit and structural assessment of housing projects and schools.
Research, documentation and monitoring of watershed projects
Monitoring and facilitation of rural development projects
Process documentation of organization’s works
Concept development and micro planning of social entrepreneurial projects
Conducting baseline and impact studies on water and watershed projects.

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